Welcome to the Era of Feminine Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Austin, T

Welcome to the Era of Feminine Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Austin, TXWomen of all ages are recognizing the importance of personal empowerment for themselves and for those around them. Part of empowerment is the ability to state concerns and find appropriate solutions to set oneself on a new path. Feminine rejuvenation is one way in which we let our patients know we hear them, we care about their concerns, and we are committed to helping them move forward in life with greater comfort and confidence. Here, we discuss one of the most innovative ways that women are regaining their mojo in and out of the bedroom.

Tissue Change is Tissue Change

With age come a decline in collagen and elastin. Aging also presents every person with the challenge of hormone imbalance. Women of a certain age may face alarming tissue changes related to collagen degradation and a marked decrease in estrogen. Tissue is tissue as far as biology is concerned; so while a woman may have a noticeable concern such as crow’s feet or smile lines, her labia and vagina are also changing.

Just like fluctuations in chemicals in the body lead to loose and sagging skin on the face, neck, and hands, biological aging also affects the genital region. The labia majora, in particular, may become noticeably thin, long, and wrinkled. This happens because the fatty tissue deflates, decreasing the internal structure that prevents looseness, pulling, and a bulky sensation.

A Non-Surgical Approach

In recent years, a number of techniques and technologies have been created to make vaginal rejuvenation more accessible. Dr. Walden has extensive experience performing surgical labiaplasty for our Austin area patients. Additionally, our practice has been equipped with multiple non-surgical devices developed for vaginal rejuvenation. Lastly, patients may achieve outstanding improvement with fat grafting for feminine rejuvenation.

Fat grafting has become a popular procedure for facial rejuvenation and is now making waves in the realm of feminine rejuvenation. Rather than excising tissue to create a more refined look and feel, fat grafting restores plumpness and smoothness to the labia majora, which can alleviate discomfort related to deflation. Fat grafting is a non-surgical approach that involves a minor liposuction procedure to obtain the necessary number of cells. The entire process may be conducted with local anesthetic, minimizing side effects and the duration of downtime for recovery. Patients are able to resume normal activities right away after this type of feminine rejuvenation. Even better, they enjoy results that last years.

Learn more about fat grafting and our other methods of feminine rejuvenation. Contact our Austin office at 512.328.4100.


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