Wondering Why People Get IV Therapy?

Contented dark-haired woman in a bathrobe sitting in a cosmetic chair during a medical procedure

Wondering Why People Get IV Therapy?

Contented dark-haired woman in a bathrobe sitting in a cosmetic chair during a medical procedureMedical spa treatments have expanded in the past few years to include health and wellness services. In our Austin centers, patients can benefit from many personalized treatment programs, including bioidentical hormones, sexual wellness services, and IV therapy. This last item is one that many people think of as a hangover cure. While that may be relevant, there are many reasons people seek IV therapy. We’ll discuss some of them here. 

  1. You’re living with depression or anxiety.
    Depression and anxiety are two of the most prevalent conditions among teens and adults today. While various life experiences are inevitably stressful, living with anxiety and/or depression doesn’t have to be a given. Often, these conditions relate to a vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions. People with anxiety and depression often measure low levels of these nutrients. IV therapy not only provides them but does so in a way that is more bioavailable than oral supplements. 
  2. You are prone to the flu.
    Most people realize that vitamin C is an essential nutrient for immune health. The problem is that the stomach can only handle so much of this vitamin supplement at a time, and yet the body may need much more to fight off infections and illnesses like the flu. IV vitamin C therapy bypasses the digestive system so the body receives the immune boost that it needs without the side effects. 
  3. You’re currently sick.
    When we’re down and out with a cold, the flu, or other infection, we just want to feel better. Often, in our state of sickness, the body is extraordinarily dehydrated and in need of particular nutrients. IV therapy services are customized to each situation to provide the best results. In some cases, a Modified Myer’s Cocktail is sufficient. In others, a Mega Boost Immune treatment is in order. 

Feel the Difference that IV Therapy Can Make

Whether you want to boost your physical performance, your sexual performance, or your general wellness, we have an IV therapy treatment that can deliver the right nutrients straight to your bloodstream. To feel firsthand what is possible for you through IV therapy treatment, contact our Austin office and schedule a visit today.


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