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Review from M.M. - Source: Yelp - Feb 16, 2015
I just found out Kristin Gunn is now working here--Kristin is amazing! She never tries to push you into procedures you don't need, and is genuinely interested in getting the best result for you. Kristin has done IPL, forma, and botox for me, and I am always happy with the results.
Review from F.P. - Source: Yelp - Feb 26, 2015
I never like to share my beauty secrets but KRISTEN GUNN is too amazing not to share. After all these years she still greets me with a smile, is always on time and I leave feeling and looking younger than I did walking in. Kristen always give me her honest opinion and I've never been disappointed. I will follow Kristen anywhere she goes. I have Kristen to thank every time I am carded (which is every time) !!!
Review from A.D. - Source: Yelp - Apr 19, 2015
Dr. Walden's office is above 5 star rating! Friendly professional receptionist that was great to help with directions over the phone. My visit with Kristin Gunn was the very best experience that I've had when getting botox. Kristin has the magic touch when injecting with hands light as a feather! I followed her suggestion on getting botox in areas that I have not tried before and the outcome is a miracle. I am telling everyone that I know about Kristen and Dr. Walden. THANK YOU
Review from K.G. - Source: Yelp - Feb 28, 2015
Kristin Gunn is the best med esthetician. I'm so glad she recently moved from another medspa to this practice. They offer a lot more as far as services here and in a more professional environment. Don't hesitate and go visit Kristin- she will shoot you straight and make you feel like a new woman!
Review from L.J. - Source: Yelp - Feb 28, 2015
Dr. Walden is the best of the best. She has an amazing staff that I have had the pleasure to work with over the last few years. Kristen Gunn, Terra Yeske and Erica are all incomparable medical aestheticians. She only works with the best in her office. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and and love what they do and are passionate about providing the best to their clients and maintain a huge and loyal following. I went in for lip filler (Juviderm) a couple weeks ago. I have problem lips from scar tissue from a dog attack many years ago, so I have bands of gristle running thru my lips which makes me more of a challenge. Dr. Walden was very strategic to my approach and took her time, stepping back and evaluating the shape and symmetry as she carefully injected. They turned out perfect, where's in the past with other doctors, I've had unevenness due to the scars and how the gel spread and set. Dr. Walden herself is very personable and experienced in all aspects of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. She's very thorough in explaining the processes and exudes confidence. All surgeries are done in her office. Dr. Walden is my first choice of plastic surgeons in Austin, and she also has an office in Marble Falls. I plan to have a long ongoing relationship with her and her staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Review from J.R. - Source: Yelp - Mar 05, 2015
Kristin Gunn is the medical aesthetician here is very talented. It's always a pleasure to see her!
Review from C.W. - Source: Yelp - Mar 20, 2015
Kristin Gunn is the absolute best! She listens to her clients and truly cares about what they are wanting and always does exactly that, my skin is a million times better since meeting her and I am so happy, I would follow her anywhere !
Review from B.W. - Source: Yelp - Jun 09, 2015
Kristin Gunn is the go to guru for all things skin related! She is not only great at her job, but a real pleasure to be around.


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