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Review from T.Y. - Source: Yelp - Oct 29, 2013
I never thought laser skin rejuvenation would correct my sun damage but guess what?? It did and I couldn't be happier. I have suffered from hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture for years. Being a sun/baby oil worshiper in my teens didn't help matters now that I'm in my late 30's. My skin got even worse after I had my son. I have been to 2 skin care places in Austin which I won't name. The 1st place told me I wouldn't get results since my pigment was too deep. The 2nd place wanted thousands of dollars and couldn't tell me if it would get better or not. No thanks! I heard about Dr. Walden on the news and decided to give it one last ditch effort. I wasn't looking for a frou frou spa, I wanted results. During my consult I explained my past experiences and they looked at my skin and said there was a procedure called Microlaser Peel and BBL that would make a big impact. They spent time explaining what to expect to this otherwise MAJOR skeptic. I felt super comfortable with my visit so I booked the appt for the following Monday. EEEK! I was a little apprehensive but showed up. My appt took 45 minutes and I left looking sunburned but as the days progressed...2 to be skin began to flake off. I could totally see the pigment lifting. By day 4/5 my skin looked amazing and 45 days later it still does. While there is a tiny bit of pigment left, it's 85% better than before. My husband was AMAZED so I know it worked if he noticed a change, and so was I. I plan to schedule 2 lighter treatments (BBL I think, which they said won't cause as much redness) over the winter months to ensure the results stay. I'm super happy with the results and am kinda excited to see what my skin looks like as I continue treatments. I wish i could post my before/after pics on here, you would be amazed! Highly recommended!!
Review from N.O. - Source: Yelp - Apr 13, 2017
Love Kristian, Coco and everyone here! I am a 42 year old old women but because of them everyone thinks I am just 28. The PRP treatment is awesome, as is every treatment they have done for me! So, if you want your nature youthful beauty back then this is the place for you!
Review from N.O. - Source: Yelp - Jun 22, 2017
Had a hydrafacial done today by Coco and she always does a amazing job! I have PRP, hydrafacial, botox, and hyaluronic injections done regularly and as instructed. It is only because I follow Coco's, Kristian's and the wonderful staff advice and instructions that I look so great for my age. Thank you all for being so wonderful!
Review from S.M. - Source: Yelp - Aug 25, 2017
I truly cannot say enough great things about Dr. Walden and her amazing staff. Beautiful office, surgery center located within and extremely professional . I've been many places in town for my Botox and hands down Kristin Gunn is the best! The MedSpa @ Dr Waldens is incredible too ....all the latest and greatest lasers and skin rejuvenation stuff . It's a one stop shop for everything you need !


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