Hangover Aid Maximum

The hangover is as old as the discovery of fermentation, and so have been the subsequent “cures.” Because alcohol is a diuretic, you lose a bunch of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients during and after your night rampaging through Austin. Plus, of course, you’re dehydrated. If you’ve really tied one on you have nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, some muscle fatigue, and irritability. Maybe that last shot of Mezcal wasn’t such a good idea!

This kind of hangover demands Hangover Aid Maximum IV Therapy. It replenishes the vital vitamins B and C, adds some glutathione to get rid of lingering toxins, returns the trace minerals that went down the toilet, and includes some pain medication. Here’s all that goes into clearing that aching head.

B complex vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9 — are known as “energy vitamins,” so they’ll boost your metabolism and help jump-start your energy levels. Drinking seriously depletes B vitamins.

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the function of the brain and nervous system, and it will help clear those cobwebs.

Vitamin C provides a boost to your immune system, which is now under stress because your body is busy dealing with the aspects of your hangover.

Glutathione is in the house and it goes to work removing the toxins such as acetaldehyde in your liver (what the alcohol has become after being broken down). Acetaldehyde is 30 times more toxic than alcohol, so you need extra glutathione to break it down into harmless acetate.

Magnesium is important for regulating your electrolyte balance, but it’s been seriously depleted, plus you probably were somewhat deficient to start. Magnesium will help you rehydrate, plus it has anti-inflammatory properties to help with that throbbing head.

Multitrace 5 replenishes the five important elements you need in your diet — zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and chromium.

The party may be over, but unless you get Hangover Aid Maximum IV Therapy, the hangover could go on and on.

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