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Heading into the cold and flu season can be daunting. The shorter days, the colder temperatures. What happened to the sun? You’re around co-workers who are coughing and sneezing. You’re on a long plane ride, and that bad air just keeps re-circulating. Plus, long hours at work and erratic sleep patterns can leave your body more susceptible to the viruses and bugs seemingly everywhere you go.

Boost your defenses with Mega Boost Immune IV Therapy. Mega Boost provides all the essentials needed to strengthen your immune system. Mega doses of vitamin C and glutathione, along with B vitamins, give your immune system the support it needs to prevent or lessen the severity of colds and flu. Here are the active ingredients in Mega Boost.

Vitamin C is the king of your defenses, helping your body ward off bacteria and viruses. High doses of vitamin C have been shown in clinical tests to drastically improve recovery from cold viruses and bacterial infections.

B complex vitamins (all of the essential water-soluble vitamins except vitamin C) are necessary for healthy body function and protection against infection.

Vitamin B12 aids in cell reproduction and increases energy.

Glutathione is the ultimate antioxidant in the body. It exists within every cell, protecting them against toxins, free radicals, and infection. When the body is run down, glutathione levels drop.

Lysine is an amino acid used in the development of many medicines.

Mega Boost Immune IV Therapy is designed for those who feel as if they are starting to get a cold, are feeling run down, or are around people who are sick. It helps ward off illness, or if you’re already sick, it helps lessen the severity and duration. Mega Boost is your immune system’s best friend.

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