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Hectic everyday life of the modern world rarely meets the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. Poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, overwork and travel can lead to the inability to maintain proper mineral and vitamin needs for correct cellular functions. If these are some of the things you experience day to day, IV vitamin therapy may be the solution for you! IV hydration therapy can also help you get back to feeling like yourself fast if you feel tired and overworked or over-mommy'ed. These drips provide customized and concentrated IV solutions and boosters to replace key nutrients and vitamins that your body naturally depletes each day, so getting back to the office, boardroom, or herding the kids will seem less like such a monumental task!

Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

IV therapy has definite benefits and is effective. The method is quick and efficient for making you feel recharged. IV Hydration of Austin, PLLC, nestled in the luxurious and comfortable office of Dr. Jennifer Walden in the heart of Westlake offers ten different IV therapies, each tailored for a different purpose. Depending on one's needs, Dr. Walden and her team of registered nurses and certified technicians with phlebotomy skills will recommend the best IV therapy treatment and plan to achieve your goals.

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Is IV Hydration Therapy Worth the Money?

Despite being an astounding success, the worth of IV hydration therapy is subjective. Everyone has their own reasons for getting this type of therapy whether it is to help stave off exhaustion or provide a boost to their immune system. The most common reason for getting IV hydration therapy is to help cure hangovers.

How To Prepare for Your Visit

Before going to your appointment, it is best to prepare yourself. Your clothing should be loose enough to easily roll up your sleeves, so the catheter can be inserted smoothly. If you take any medications, it is best to check with your doctor beforehand. Antihistamines, like Zyrtec and Allegra, and decongestants such as Afrin and Vicks Sinex should be avoided on the day of your appointment. It is also in your best interest to avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The effects of IV hydration therapy can last anywhere between a couple of hours to a few days. More specifically, the fluids typically last in your body for a few hours upon absorption. The electrolytes and minerals, however, can potentially stay within your body for months. How long the results last depends on your metabolic rate, the current state of your health, and your hydration levels.

Pros and Cons of IV Hydration Therapy

IV hydration therapy comes with many pros and a few cons. The first and most notable benefit is that it is the quickest way to fill your body with essential nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. IV hydration therapy is also reported to help treat certain medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

It can also help improve your cardiovascular health depending on what is in the drip bag. If you have any wounds, IV hydration therapy can speed up the recovery process if the drip bag contains vitamin C, zinc, arginine, and glutathione.

As for the cons, there is a very small chance you could develop an infection. When the skin is punctured, it becomes more vulnerable to pathogens. The second con is possibly experiencing itchiness, bruising, or redness around the injection site. Although this may sound a little problematic, it is actually a sign your immune system is working the way it should.


Disclaimer: You should consult your primary care physician before taking vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements or herbal products.  Our products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Supplement Addons

*Muscle mass formation

*Muscle mass formation

*Muscle mass formation

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