Let’s Get Real About Sun Damage

As much as we say we’d like to maintain youthful skin, we still have some work to do around the practice of sun protection. The weather is heating up across the country at this point in the year, which means the conversation about UV damage needs to be had. Again. As a premier skin and… Read More »

FaceTite and NeckTite Austin TX

Is FaceTite the Mini Lift You Need?

Our skin changes over time due to the cumulative effects of various factors. First, we’ve got our own unique genetics at play throughout the body. Then, we subject our skin to environmental factors such as UV light and pollution and chemicals in lotions and soaps and innumerable other products. And to top it all off,… Read More »

IV Hydration Therapy Austin TX

Glutathione: What Is It and Why Does the Body Need It?

In our IV Hydration center in Austin, patients can choose from several IV drips and injectables to boost health and wellness. As popular as IV therapy has become in recent years, even those who routinely obtain treatment don’t always understand the ins-and-outs of the various ingredients in a given solution. Here, we want to spotlight… Read More »

Skin Resurfacing Austin TX

Laser Skin Resurfacing May Not be What You Think

Laser skin resurfacing is not a new technique. Physicians and trained professionals have provided various forms of rejuvenating treatments for years. It is true that early laser resurfacing using a consistent beam of CO2 energy was a relatively harsh approach to collagen remodeling. CO2 resurfacing is still performed today, though usually under general anesthesia. In… Read More »

Vaginal Rejuvenation Austin, T

Welcome to the Era of Feminine Rejuvenation

Women of all ages are recognizing the importance of personal empowerment for themselves and for those around them. Part of empowerment is the ability to state concerns and find appropriate solutions to set oneself on a new path. Feminine rejuvenation is one way in which we let our patients know we hear them, we care… Read More »

Body Procedures Austin TX

Let’s Make THIS the Year You Accomplish your Goals

It’s that time again. You know the one; when we can’t escape the urge to set some realistic expectations for ourselves. The time of year when the word “resolution” is on just about everyone’s lips. If you’re like most of us, you have reached a point of frustration with the whole resolution-making idea, especially when… Read More »

emsculpt Austin TX

Get Toned Without Breaking a Sweat

As if weight loss weren’t difficult enough, those who are trying to get in shape also have to contend with muscle-toning. If you’re an avid adventurist who loves to push yourself to the brink, you may accomplish your fitness goals with daily cross-fit sessions. For the rest of us, alternative solutions must be found. At… Read More »

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