Dr. Walden elected as first female Aesthetic Society President in Organization’s 55 years; Board Members Elected at The Aesthetic Meeting 2022 in San Diego

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We Can Thread Together a More Youthful Look

June 15, 2022
35 year old blonde woman with clean fresh face and hands with long hair

Through medical innovation, we’ve been gifted a variety of creative ways to address the signs of aging. Most recently, adults of all ages have relied heavily on injectables like Botox and fillers to smooth away wrinkles and contour areas that have deflated and flatted with age. While there are benefits to injectable treatments, there are […]

Simple Summer Sun-Kissed Skin Care Tips

May 15, 2022
Woman Applying Sun Cream on Shoulder

Making healthy choices for your skincare in preparation for a healthy glow this upcoming summer, don’t plan on overexposing yourself with tanning beds and sunbathing. Switch your mindset to self-tanners and achieve healthy, beautiful, and enviable skin. Because the face has a lighter skin shade than the body, Dr. Jennifer Walden has compiled some easy […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been elected as the first female Aesthetic Society President in Organization’s 55 years!

April 26, 2022

On April 25, 2022 The Aesthetic Society announced the election of Jennifer Walden, MD a plastic surgeon practicing in Austin, TX as the new President of the 2,200 Active Member organization dedicated to aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Walden is the first female president of The Aesthetic Society. Her leadership team will focus on advancing The […]

Can IV Therapy Boost My Sexual Wellness?

April 15, 2022
Outdoor shot of sweet couple

Our sexual drive and performance can be impacted by multiple factors. Our hormones are highly influential, as is our level of stress. At some point, nearly every adult struggles to some degree with libido and searches for reasons why. Another step is to search for solutions. From our perspective, there isn\’t a much more viable […]

Which Breast Implant Placement is Better?

March 15, 2022
Girl with big Breasts in white underwear

Breast augmentation is a leading body contouring procedure praised for its ability to enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts using carefully-selected breast implants. These medical devices are made using saline or silicone gel, which is an important choice associated with the final outcome of the procedure. Another detail that patients must consider, […]

Should I Bring Photos to My Plastic Surgery Consultation?

February 14, 2022
Plastic surgeon touching face of young woman

Your consultation for plastic surgery is the jumping-off point for your entire journey. It is a critical visit because it can provide you with all of the details you need to make an informed and confident decision. During the visit, the doctor answers questions and discusses what they believe can be achieved through surgery. To […]

Want to Spend Your Year Loving Your Body? We Can Help!

January 15, 2022
Healthy muscular young man on grey background

Throughout much of 2020, we had very little on our minds outside of how to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The time spent indoors and away from our normal routines was challenging in many ways. One was how to stay fit, or even feel motivated to stay fit, in the midst of a […]

What Can FaceTite Treatment Do For Me?

December 15, 2021
Beautiful young asian woman with clean fresh skin on white background

It’s no secret that we live in a rather youth-obsessed society. If you’re noticing signs of aging that include tissue laxity and volume loss, you may be feeling a sense of panic setting in. The signs of aging are nothing to worry about in this day and age of nonsurgical advancements. In our Austin office, […]

How Long Does the Vampire Facelift Last?

November 15, 2021

As much as people are shifting away from plastic surgery and toward nonsurgical rejuvenating procedures, the vast majority of patients have one big question: How long will my results last? This is an important aspect of any treatment that should be discussed thoroughly so there are no surprises. We’ll be up front in saying that […]

Wondering Why People Get IV Therapy?

October 15, 2021
Contented dark-haired woman in a bathrobe sitting in a cosmetic chair during a medical procedure

Medical spa treatments have expanded in the past few years to include health and wellness services. In our Austin centers, patients can benefit from many personalized treatment programs, including bioidentical hormones, sexual wellness services, and IV therapy. This last item is one that many people think of as a hangover cure. While that may be […]


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