Different Types of Breast Implants

Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants come in a myriad of shapes and textures, and deciding which implant is the right one requires careful consideration. Many women, when first considering getting implants, may be surprised at the options and varieties available. What they choose depends on how natural they want them to look and feel. The following is a general breakdown of the different types of breast implants from which to choose.

Saline v Silicone Breast Implants

Saline is a sterile saltwater solution that can be used for breast implants. If it breaks, then the saline will leak from the implant, the implant will collapse, and the body will absorb it naturally. Alternatively, silicone breast implants contain silicone gel that may or may not leak if broken. Silicone poses more of a health risk if the implant leaks, but they normally feel more natural than saline breast implants.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured breast implants stick to the surrounding tissue better than smooth breast implants. They help create scar tissue to which the implant attaches. This reduces the risk that the implant may rotate out of position and thus create an unnatural appearance. However, texturing may cause the skin to appear rippled in some body types.

Shaped Breast Implants

Breast implants come in either round or tear-dropped shape. The round breast implant creates a fuller-looking breast and will retain the same appearance even if it rotates. It allows for more options that can create even more projection. A tear-drop breast implant, however, creates a more natural-looking appearance that has less volume at the top of the breast and slopes downward. The tear-drop implant, unlike the round breast implant, can rotate and because it is not symmetrical, can appear contorted in some patients.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

A more recent development is known as the gummy bear breast implant, named that way due to its ability to retain its shape and cohesion under pressure. If the implant breaks, a gummy bear implant will still keep its shape. This type of implant is firmer than silicone or saline, and is usually tear-drop shaped to give a more natural appearance. Its firmness helps prevent rippling or wrinkling, but like other tear-drop shaped breast implants, it may rotate out of position, although is is typically rare.

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