Vitamin C: It’s Not Only for the Common Cold

IV Hydration Therapy Austin, TX

Vitamin C: It’s Not Only for the Common Cold

IV Hydration Therapy Austin, TX

The value of vitamin C has been recognized for several years; and yet, we still don’t fully understand just how beneficial this particular vitamin can be to health, beauty, and longevity. Studies conducted over the past few decades alone have revealed that vitamin C plays an influential role in collagen proliferation. This is not only beneficial for the skin, but also for the gums, joints, blood vessels, and bone.

We have long appreciated vitamin C for its power against the common cold, but there’s more – much more. Because vitamin C may be one of the most potent antioxidants, it can neutralize unstable oxygen molecules in the body. What does that mean? It means vitamin C can protect against DNA damage that leads to a number of disease processes. Here, we take a closer look at why more people are seeking IV vitamin C at IV Hydration of Austin.

Cellular Damage and Immunity

The love-affair between modern science and vitamin C may have begun with Dr. Linus Pauling, who investigated the value of mega-dose vitamin C back in the 1970s. During his exploration, Dr. Pauling discovered that this water-soluble antioxidant inhibited free-radical damage to lipids and proteins that commonly occurred during stress, infection, even intense exercise. The way that this vitamin works is by suppressing the oxidative stress that compromises cellular function.


When dealing with a cold, we may instinctively reach for vitamin C, but when dealing with anxiety and depression, this may be the farthest thing from our mind. According to studies, it shouldn’t be. In one long-term study, it was found that chronic vitamin C deficiency related to general nervousness. Another study linked optimal vitamin C levels to increased oxytocin. When treated with vitamin C, hospitalized patients exhibited a 35% reduction in mood disruption. In addition to boosting oxytocin, vitamin C has also been found to convert dopamine to norepinephrine, a necessary transition for decreased depression.

Weight Management

Studies have indicated that vitamin C deficiency correlates with a higher hip-to-waist ratio. Conversely, optimal vitamin C levels are associated with burning approximately 30% more fat during moderate exercise. In a three-year study, researchers observed that individuals with optimal vitamin C levels maintained weight better than those with deficient levels.

We are pleased to offer vitamin C IV therapy in our new hydration center. For more information on our available treatments, call 512-328-4100.


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