How to IV Nutrients Stack up to Oral Supplements?

IV Hydration Therapy Austin, TX

How to IV Nutrients Stack up to Oral Supplements?

IV Hydration Therapy Austin TXAccording to research, only 15% of us consume a balanced diet. Food may be our medicine, but only when we can eat the right things to sustain our immune system, nervous system, and vital functions. Chances are, very few of us are regularly consuming organic or ethically-farmed produce, which means we are depleted from the get-go. Furthermore, the daily grind can place extraordinary stress on the bodily systems, particularly that which helps us avoid disease.

Our constant state of being on-the-go and eating what we can, when we can have us generally not feeling great. There is no clearer way to put it. When the body can’t keep up with the demanding pace set for it, symptoms such as loss of focus and irritability may develop. Some people experience frequent illness such as colds, some struggle with skin problems or aging that seems to accelerate with every passing day.

Options for Nutritional Support

Seeing that it can be difficult to obtain all that we need on our plate, we have the option of supporting health and wellness with various supplements. Historically, this has been accomplished with oral supplementation. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural remedies taken by mouth are convenient and usually available at a low cost. However, are they really doing what we need them to?

Studies suggest that the average supplement taken by mouth is minimally effective. This is because, through the digestive process, approximately 80% of the product is metabolized, leaving only 20% available for absorption. For the body to get the maximum effect of supplementation, the digestive process needs to be bypassed.


IV therapy, or intravenous nutrient support, is administered at our Austin facility after a thorough consultation during which we can determine the appropriate combination of nutrients to achieve the desired benefit. This method of nutrient delivery is convenient; we do all the work. Most importantly, it is efficient. Because nutrients are administered directly into the bloodstream, they are 100% absorbed into the cells.

IV therapy can make an enormous difference in how you feel. This level of care is not a passing fad, people all over the country are coming to rely on IV nutrients to make it through cold and flu season, amp-up their workouts, and support their bodies’ immune system.

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