Don’t Just Survive Cold and Flu Season, Thrive with IV Hydration Therapy!

IV Hydration Therapy Austin TX

Don’t Just Survive Cold and Flu Season, Thrive with IV Hydration Therapy!

IV Hydration Therapy Austin TX

We are entering into the time of year commonly referred to as cold and flu season. Each year, as we hear about the ravages of the flu, many people feel a sense of anxiety about how they can survive the season unscathed. At IV Hydration of Austin, we want to help our clients do more than survive; we want to help them thrive now and throughout the new year.

The holidays present us with countless opportunities to socialize, whether we are ready or not. During a short 6 to 8-week period, we may find that we are on our feet more, sleeping less (or less soundly), traveling to visit family or enjoy a much-needed vacation, flying in planes, and generally exposing ourselves to germs. Now, because the holidays are so festive, we’re not usually conscious of the dangers of our surroundings. It isn’t until the sniffles strike that we realize we may be in a bit of trouble.

There are several conventional strategies for avoiding unnecessary sickness during the cold and flu season, but that may not give you the warm-and-fuzzy you really want. We don’t suggest skipping the flu shot if your doctor recommends you get one. We will suggest, however, that you boost your immunity with a short IV therapy session.

The Flu-Fighting Abilities of IV Hydration

IV Hydration may not sound like the ideal way to fortify the body against seasonal illness. However, this method of supporting general wellness is a powerful tool during the winter months. Something that may not be well-known about colds and flu is that optimal hydration is a vital aspect in preventing symptoms and in treating them if illness does develop. During a single IV hydration session, vital nutrients like vitamin C, and B vitamins are delivered directly into the bloodstream where they become immediately available to the immune system.

IV Hydration of Austin offers several nutrient formulations to help you thrive through the seasons of the year and the seasons of life. Learn more about Mega Vitamin C or Mega Boost Immune treatments now, before cold and flu season gets into full swing. Contact us at 512.328.4100 to schedule your visit.


Plus, for each visit, earn rewards like:

(1) EmSculpt or EmSculpt NEO Treatment

10-Units of Botox

EON Robotic Laser Fat-Reduction Treatment

VIP Birthday Gift – 15% Off any skincare product and much more!

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