Let’s Get Real About Sun Damage

Let’s Get Real About Sun Damage

As much as we say we’d like to maintain youthful skin, we still have some work to do around the practice of sun protection. The weather is heating up across the country at this point in the year, which means the conversation about UV damage needs to be had. Again. As a premier skin and beauty provider, Dr. Walden frequently sees the effects of sun exposure. For this reason, we find skin cancer education extremely important. Here, we point out a few ideas that need to be tossed aside.

A base tan is a pre-vacation must.

The idea that a base tan is a prerequisite for any vacation is not only false but also dangerous. Doctors have continually said one thing about tanning: there is no safe suntan. Period. It doesn’t matter if you get a mild glow on the beach, by the pool, or in a tanning bed, the very fact that skin has changed color means sun damage has been sustained. This damage occurs deep beneath the skin where it isn’t likely to be seen for years. Toss aside the tanning oils, and opt for a quality sunscreen. Our Austin medspas carry the full range of Elta MD sunscreens for all skin types.

Darker skin is less likely to burn.

The idea that darker skin naturally reflects or blocks some degree of ultraviolet radiation may be tied to the myth about the pre-vacation tan. Years ago, this theory was widely believed. During that time, people with darker skin tones, suffered the consequence of this idea about dark skin. The fact is our risk for skin cancer is related to both lifestyle and genetics. All skin tones can burn. In fact, a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 30 percent of darker-skinned people in one study had experienced a significant sunburn within the previous year. More than offering protection, dark skin could be a deterrent to a timely skin cancer diagnosis.

Being ready for summer means much more than having the latest bathing suit in your closet. It means taking care of your skin. Our office not only offers top of the line suncare products, but also treatments to help reverse the effects of sun exposure. Call today at 512.328.4100, ext 2 to schedule your skin assessment and consultation at either our Westlake or Far West location medspa.


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