Is Pro Nox Your Key to Comfortable Cosmetic Treatments?

Is Pro Nox Your Key to Comfortable Cosmetic Treatments?

Millions of cosmetic procedures are performed around the country each and every year. Alongside the many people who readily jump in to treatment that helps align their appearance with their inner vibrance are those who procrastinate. The reason that many patients tell us they waited so long to schedule their consultation is that they were concerned about the discomfort their treatment would cause. This is as relevant for nonsurgical treatments like dermal fillers as it is for minimally-invasive surgeries like liposuction. In response to this common concern, we have elected to equip our Austin office with Pro-NoxTM. Here, we discuss the benefits of this service. 

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox is an innovative nitrous oxide delivery system that puts the power in the patient’s hands. You may have heard of nitrous oxide as a type of sedative. It is commonly used in dentistry to help anxious patients relax during their root canal or other procedure. On a more expansive level, nitrous oxide has been used in a wide variety of clinical situations for many decades. This safe, effective sedative and analgesic has been used in labor and delivery, dermatology, and even surgical settings for years. Now, a sophisticated piece of equipment enables our patients to undergo their chosen procedure without the stress and discomfort that had kept them from addressing their cosmetic concerns longer than necessary. 

Nitrous oxide is referred to as inhalation sedation. Patients inhale it through a small mouthpiece. It is not delivered straight, but as a 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The Pro-Nox device is self-administered by the patient via an on-demand valve. Being that nitrous oxide is one of the fastest-acting sedatives ever known, patients can quickly determine how much and how long they need to inhale the mixture before switching off the valve.

Benefits of Pro-Nox

We elected to add Pro-Nox to our menu of ancillary services because it offers numerous benefits. These include:

  • Nitrous oxide is proven safe and effective.
  • This form of sedation has no real downside, as its effects wear off in minutes.
  • Patients can safely drive and resume all normal activities after receiving Pro-Nox.
  • In addition to soothing nerves, nitrous oxide has pain management benefits. 
  • Self-administered Pro-Nox is easy to use.
  • Each patient is given their own mouthpiece attachment, which they may keep for future appointments if they so choose. 

You need not postpone that cosmetic treatment any longer. Contact our Austin office at 512.328.4100 to schedule your visit and mention that you’re interested in Pro-Nox for your procedure!


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