Simple Summer Sun-Kissed Skin Care Tips

Woman Applying Sun Cream on Shoulder

Simple Summer Sun-Kissed Skin Care Tips

Making healthy choices for your skincare in preparation for a healthy glow this upcoming summer, don’t plan on overexposing yourself with tanning beds and sunbathing. Switch your mindset to self-tanners and achieve healthy, beautiful, and enviable skin. Because the face has a lighter skin shade than the body, Dr. Jennifer Walden has compiled some easy tips to balance your two skin tones for the most natural summer profile.

UV Light Causes Skin Damage

Also known in the medical field as photoaging or photodamage and/or solar or sun damage, UV light is a major cause of premature aging of the skin.

Signs of this skin damage include:

  • Brown spots
  • Coarse skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Inflammation
  • Unhealthy cell growth
  • Destructive enzymes

Important Sunscreens and Self-Tanners

This summer, arm yourself with skin-protecting, anti-aging ingredients to avoid further damage from UV light. Dr. Walden’s Mineral Sun Shield Facial Lotion Sunscreen (SPF 33) will hydrate and protect your body with a lightweight lotion.

Your skincare benefits:

  • Protection from infrared rays with SPF 33
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plumps and improves damaged skin areas
  • Smooth application with no clumping

To reap the full benefits of a summer skincare regimen, Dr. Walden’s Sunless Tanning Mist With Aloe & Witch Hazel is a self-tanning spray mist designed to give your body a bronze glow with no harsh chemicals.

Your skincare results:

  • Go from an uneven skin tone to even
  • Receive a streak-free golden tan
  • Spray designed for even tone all over the body – front and back
  • Quick drying with no rubbing required for application

Cleanse and Exfoliate Every Morning

Cleanse and exfoliate your face in the morning prior to applying your skincare and makeup products. This will remove the dead skin cells accumulated during the prior day and night – reducing congestion. Then, begin your fresh-faced day by applying toner, moisturizer, SPF, and makeup.

Hydrate Inside and Out Throughout the Day

It’s easy to begin a regimen of hydrating your skin throughout your busy summer days. Keep a handy spritzing toner on hand for easy refreshment and hydration. Make sure to hydrate from the inside out by drinking plenty of pure water every day.

Explore Your Personalized Summer Skincare Products

Our mission is to provide both men and women of all ages with customized skincare products for their personal needs. Contact us today to begin your new summer skincare regimen by exploring your options with Dr. Jennifer Walden at one of her two cosmetic practices in Austin TX.


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