How Juvederm® Differs From Other Dermal Fillers

beautiful girl with long messy hair and clean make-up

How Juvederm® Differs From Other Dermal Fillers

beautiful girl with long messy hair and clean make-upAs we age, our faces tend to undergo the most aesthetic changes. Not only is it the most visible parts of our body and what others see, but the skin on our face is also among the most exposed. A regular and vigilant skincare routine can do a lot to keep a youthful and radiant look. Sometimes, however, the effects of aging require a higher level of treatment to slow and reverse.

Along with skin resurfacing treatments such as laser therapy and chemical peels, dermal injectables can help regain your youthful look while working from the inside. Within this type of treatment, there are various types of aesthetic procedures that each work in a different way.

BOTOX® is one of the most common dermal injectables. Since BOTOX® works by preventing the contraction of facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles, other treatments also work from under the skin by using molecules and formulas naturally created by your body.

Your body’s creation of these molecules, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA), slowly decreases with age. By having a specific amount of HA injected in certain areas on the face, you can regain lost volume to create a tighter look on your skin.

Juvederm® takes the benefits of HA and improves how it is injected beneath the skin to create even better and more natural-looking results. Like other injectables that use HA, Juvederm® works by drawing in water molecules from nearby tissue, adding volume to sunken areas.

The HA in the Juvederm® formula is contained in a thicker yet still fluid gel that keeps the HA in the targeted areas. This gives your doctor and aesthetician more control over how much volume is added and creates a more proportional enhancement to your look.

Don’t wait to start a treatment routine to reverse the signs of aging in your face. Contact the office of Dr. Jennifer Walden in Austin, TX, at 512-328-4100 or visit to see if Juvederm® might be a great option for you.


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