Common Questions About Blepharoplasty Answered

Eyelid surgery

Common Questions About Blepharoplasty Answered

Eyelid surgery Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is an aesthetic surgery performed to improve the appearance of the eyelid. That being said, blepharoplasty is one of the lesser-known cosmetic surgeries. However, blepharoplasty can have a significant impact on your appearance. Let’s explore some of the common questions circling around blepharoplasty. That way, you can better understand if eyelid surgery is for you.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is the surgical altering of the eyelid. This is normally done for cosmetic purposes. Eyelid surgery is designed to remove fat, tighten skin and muscles, and remove loose skin. The skin around the eyes can become loose, can sag, and can dull over time from sun damage, age, and muscle loss. Thankfully, blepharoplasty addresses these issues and restores a more youthful look.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Determining if you’re right for blepharoplasty can be confusing. However, anyone who is struggling with loose skin, excess fat, or muscle loss around the eye is a good candidate for eyelid surgery. This includes older people, people who lost lots of weight, people with sun-damaged skin, or people with medical conditions that cause weakened facial muscles.

Is Eyelid Surgery Always Cosmetic?

While blepharoplasty is usually a cosmetic procedure, this isn’t always the case. As mentioned before, eyelid surgery is often used to correct sagging skin around the eyes. Sagging skin can eventually obstruct your vision in severe cases. This is especially true when someone is struggling with muscle loss or weakness.

The loss of muscle structures can cause the whole eyelid to sag and make the eye appear “lazy,” and obstruct vision. These are great examples of when blepharoplasty is actually a functional and restorative surgery.

Should I Get Blepharoplasty?

As mentioned before, anyone with loose skin, muscle loss, or sun damage around their eyes would most likely benefit from blepharoplasty. That being said, it’s important to seek consultation from a medical professional. Thankfully Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly recognized plastic surgeon who understands the value of catering to your needs. Dr. Walden can assess your needs and help you decide if eyelid surgery is right for you. If you’re considering eyelid surgery, then contact Dr. Walden’s office at 512-328-4100 today.


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