Debunking the Four Most Common Rhinoplasty Myths


Debunking the Four Most Common Rhinoplasty Myths

RhinoplastyEvery year, there are about 220,000 rhinoplasties performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, it is likely that far more than that consider the procedure but do not go through with it, possibly due to the myths surrounding it.

With every great cosmetic procedure comes the misconceptions that lead many people to believe it’s better not to get surgery. Learn the truth behind these common misconceptions about rhinoplasty in Austin, TX.

Myth: Rhinoplasty Is Only for Aesthetics

Fact: Rhinoplasty is beneficial for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Many people believe that rhinoplasty is used only for people who are looking to change the shape or size of their nose. However, rhinoplasty can be used to correct structural issues such as breathing issues and congenital disorders or repair damage after an injury.

Myth: Rhinoplasty Makes Your Nose Appear Fake

Fact: An experienced surgeon will ensure your nose appears natural and suits your features.

A concern for many people considering cosmetic procedures is that they will be noticeable or unnatural. Rhinoplasty, as well as most other cosmetic surgeries, are meant to enhance the appearance as naturally as possible. By changing the size or shape of the nose, the plastic surgeon is looking to restore balance and symmetry. Furthermore, a talented and experienced surgeon will ensure your nose aligns with your features and is not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Myth: You Can Choose Any Nose Shape You Want

Fact: While the surgeon will consider your goals, they will also consider your overall appearance to ensure your nose suits your unique look.

While you may have an image in mind about what shape you’re looking for, your surgeon will consider your face shape and goals to determine the ideal shape and structure that will suit your appearance.

Myth: You Will Have Visible Scars

Fact: Both rhinoplasty techniques prevent the surgical incisions from being visible once healed.

There are two types of rhinoplasties: Open and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty makes the incision between the nostrils (the columella); closed rhinoplasty is when the incision is made within the nostrils. In both cases, the scars will be mostly or completely invisible once the surgical site has fully healed.

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