Threadlift (Minimally Invasive Facelift)

Threadlift (Minimally Invasive Facelift)


Now offering Threadlifts under local anesthesia alone! Allow Dr. Walden to turn back the hands of time with this minimally invasive treatment. Botox, Fillers and proper skincare can help to slow the signs of aging, but flattened cheeks and sagging jowls are best battled with surgical procedures. With the latest Thread Lift technique, we are able to correct these with a short, minimally invasive treatment using local anesthesia.

What Is a Thread Lift?

The thread lift technique lifts tissue that have begun to sag due to collagen depletion and other effects of aging. Tissue is repositioned by the insertion of one or more biodegradable, biocompatible sutures. The suture or thread acts as a renewed foundation on which superficial tissue sits. The thread also promotes a resurgence in blood flow and collagen production in the area to further inhibit the effects of aging from progressing as quickly as they would otherwise.The EuroThreads used in our thread lifts come in a variety of types to achieve specific results. These PDO or PLLA threads have demonstrated a high degree of success in correcting:

  • Loose jowls
  • Loose and saggy neck skin
  • Flat, saggy cheeks
  • Lines and creases including nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Horizontal lines on the neck

Who Is a Candidate for a Thread Lift Facelift?

Many adults are excellent candidates for thread lift treatment because there is no anesthesia or surgery involved in this procedure. Before performing a thread lift, we will evaluate the skin for its tendency to scar or bleed. Individuals with active acne may require pre-treatment to soothe and clear inflammation before threads can be effectively inserted.

How Is a Thread Lift Performed?

Thread lift treatment begins with a thorough consultation in which we discuss the area of concern and the desired outcome of care. Our discussion and assessment of the skin enable Dr. Walden to determine the type of thread that is best suited to each patient.The thread lift procedure involves the following steps:

  • Topical numbing cream may be applied to cleansed skin to numb the surface area.
  • A local anesthetic is injected into the dermis in the area where threads will be inserted.
  • The skin may be marked to map the area or areas of treatment, where threads will be inserted and where they will exit.
  • The preloaded cannula is inserted beneath the epidermis and progressed in a particular direction to achieve a natural-looking lift.
  • Threads may be inserted at various entry and exit points on the face to achieve beautiful contours.
  • When the cannula is removed, inserted sutures remain in place.
  • Tissue may be gently massaged to encourage integration of the thread into surrounding tissue.
  • An immediate lift is noticeable.

Is a Thread Lift Considered a Surgical Procedure?

Thread lifts are non-surgical procedures that are conducted in our Manhattan office. Some treatments are completed in less than an hour using local anesthetic and a mild oral sedative.

What Are the Advantages of a Thread Lift Vs a Facelift?

A thread lift is an appealing non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation because there is no surgical technique involved in the procedure. Patients come into our comfortable Manhattan office for a thorough consultation and explanation of what a thread lift can do and what it involves. To perform the procedure, we use only local anesthetic and a mild oral sedative to make the process completely comfortable. Because there are no incisions and no surgical manipulation of tissue, a thread lift causes minimal side effects and therefore requires little time, if any, out of your busy schedule. Most patients are back to work no later than the day after their lift.

What People Say About Us!

Hands down one of the best experiences! Staff is amazing! Clinic is beautiful! The results from my procedure were absolutely perfect - I had no bruising, minimal pain, and recovered very well! I recommend anyone to go to Dr. Walden for cosmetic procedures!

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Can a Thread Lift Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Thread lifts can enhance the results of injectables like Botox and dermal fillers or fat transfer to the face. Combining other treatments with a thread lift may increase the effects of each technique to beautifully rejuvenate the face or other areas.

Are There Any Risks to the Nonsurgical Thread Lift Facelift?

The polydioxanone (PDO threads) and PLLA, Poly Latic Acid polymer coating on Eurothreads are biodegradable and biocompatible substances that have been widely used in medical sutures for many years. The risk of allergic or adverse reaction to either polymer is very low. Eurothreads are contained within the cannula during the manufacturing process, minimizing environmental access to the threads prior to insertion. Each step in the treatment process is completed in such a way that risk of infection is minimized.

Recovery After a Nonsurgical Facelift

A thread lift incurs very little need for recovery time. At most, patients may wish to return home for a day of rest while their oral sedative wears off. Some patients experience minor bruising, swelling, or soreness that subsides within a day or two after treatment.

Patients may be advised to take time off from strenuous exercise after their thread lift to allow sufficient time for the new scaffolding to develop beneath the skin.


Thread Lift Aftercare

A thread lift encourages natural collagen production that supports a youthful face for many months after the initial treatment. To maintain results through your personal aging process, we suggest adhering to an effective daily skin care regimen that includes sunscreen use and the use of products recommended for you by your skin care expert. As needed, the thread lift patient may also undergo complementary procedures such as facial filling and wrinkle reduction injections, chemical peels, and other techniques that support ongoing collagen remodeling.

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