PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal

What is the piqo4 System?

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PiQo4 Laser by Lumenis

PiQo4 is the most powerful pigment and tattoo removal system on the market today. By utilizing Nano and Pico energies PiQo4 can eliminate your unwanted tattoo or skin pigmentation in shorter treatments than ever before.

Highlights of PiQo4:

  • Ideal Wavelengths for all the most popular ink colors
  • Largest spot size
  • Deepest Skin Penetration
  • Broadest fluence for best results
  • Variable pulse duration capabilities
  • Most accurate calibration
  • Designed with in-office ease-of-use in mind

How the piqo4 pigment removal Works

Laser Tattoo Removal Austin TXPiQo4 Laser uses a combination of energy and variable pulse duration to remove tattoos faster and more effectively than other laser systems. PiQo4 can reach deep for more intense pigment removal in fewer sessions. It has the largest spot size on the market and can treat a variety of skin conditions.


Laser tattoo removal Treatment

Tattoo Removal Treatment Austin TX | Dr. Jennifer WaldenPiQo4 uses 4 wavelengths to remove the most popular ink colors from your skin. By utilizing 4 different wavelengths PiQo4 is able to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors on light or dark skin.

Black is the most common ink color used in tattoos, both professional and amateur. PiQo4 is able to use its powerful energy to break up this dark pigment, even on darker skin tones. Red is the second most popular ink color among tattoos which is why PiQo4 was designed to target this color specifically and facilitate faster clearance of red pigments. 

Quick and Easy Tattoo Removal

why choose piqo4 for your pigment removal Treatment

PiQo4 has the widest spot range of any laser on the market today. Because of this, PiQo4 can effectively remove your tattoo or other skin pigmentation in shorter treatments. In total, it will take fewer treatments to remove your tattoo than with other lasers.
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Pigment Removal Before and After

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