Skin can be beautiful at every age. At some point, most people need a little help keeping their skin vibrant and optimally healthy. Because cosmetic aging begins in our twenties, there is a need for personalized strategies to support cellular turnover and collagen production at an early age. One of the many ways we help our patients support aging skin is with dermaplaning.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique used to remove the outer layers of dead skin to reveal smooth, healthy and glowing skin. It also removes fine facial hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning allows products to penetrate more effectively resulting in vibrant skin. This treatment comes with a customized enzyme exfoliation, mask and nutrient infusion. (45 minutes) A chemical peel may be added to this treatment for more dramatic results.

What can dermaplaning treat?

It has been estimated that dermaplaning treatment removes approximately 21 days of accumulated skin cells. Immediately, this reveals healthier, more vibrant cells. As a result of cellular turnover, patients may notice that fine lines are less noticeable and that skin tone is generally improved. Dermaplaning can be an excellent technique to reduce acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.


Breast Surgery Recovery

After breast augmentation, drainage tubes may be necessary. Dr. Walden stitches and bandages the incisions. Patients typically wear a surgical bra to minimize swelling and support the breasts. In a week to 10 days after breast augmentation Dr. Walden will remove the stitches.

Most patients feel tired and sore after breast augmentation surgery, but this usually passes in a day or two. Many patients return to work within the week. Any postoperative pain, swelling and sensitivity will diminish over the first few weeks. Scars from breast augmentation incisions will begin to fade in a few months, and will continue to fade for months or years.

Risks of Breast Augmentation

With any surgical procedure, there are some risks. The risks related to a breast augmentation with implants include:

  • Implant leaks/ruptures
  • Implant deflation or shifting
  • Assymetry
  • Change in nipple sensation
  • Capsular contracture

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Younger looking skin
  • Improved radiance
  • Safe for most skin types
  • Baby-soft skin immediately after treatment
  • Less dirt and oils trapped by vellus hair
  • Maximum absorption of skin care products

Candidates for Dermaplaning

This treatment is perfect for anyone with rough, uneven, dry and oily skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, mild scarring and sensitive skin. This is a great alternative to microdermabrasion and those with visible facial capillaries, rosacea, redness and those sensitive to facial waxing.

How often should Dermaplanning be done?

Dermaplaning can be done every 3-4 weeks. The procedure is safe and effective for pregnant/nursing women as well.

Dermaplaning may be added onto other services such as laser treatments, microdermabrasion and several other techniques aimed at promoting beauty in the aging process. Our consultation visit provides us with the opportunity to get to know your unique concerns and objectives. Understanding where your skin currently is and where you’d like it to go, we are able to develop a personal plan to get you there.

You can wear makeup after dermaplaning. However, we recommend waiting 24 hours to apply anything other than mineral makeup, if possible. Because the skin cells that are revealed are so new, the epidermis could be slightly sensitive and susceptible to redness or mild irritation with the wrong product ingredients. After 24 hours, you may resume your normal makeup routine.

It is possible that skin will be red and dry for a day or so after dermaplaning treatment. Because this technique reveals younger cells that had been hidden beneath cellular debris, the time after dermaplaning is ideal for using nourishing, hydrating skin serums and moisturizers. Our staff can assist you in identifying your unique dermatologic needs to make the most of your dermaplaning treatment.

One of the benefits of dermaplaning is that there are very few risks associated with this procedure. That being said, because dermaplaning is a technique that utilizes an ultra-sharp scalpel, treatment should not be conducted at home. Dermaplaning is a professional treatment that should only be performed by an experienced provider.

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