Natural results, wonderful doctor and staff!

Natural results, wonderful doctor and staff!

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Natural results, wonderful doctor and staff!
by pola24 at Citysearch

After considering surgery for five years, I began a tedious search of surgeons, pictures etc. It is a very competitive market out there and many doctors have great advertising tactics to pull a client in. I turned away from such a doctor and was going to give up on surgery until I found Dr. Walden. I found her through google and immediately after reading some reviews and seeing the amazing pictures (I was looking for very natural results) I had a warm, assuring feeling about her. I scheduled an appointment and never once regretted my decision. Dr. Walden has an uncanny ability to re-create a natural breast that nature did not give you. I was barely an A with a tiny frame and was afraid that my breasts will look like fake, plastic baloons. I was also afraid that I will be ridden with pain. I was able to walk around the next day after surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Walden’s staff will make you feel like you are part of the family. Dr. Walden even understood my financial needs and scheduled the appointment on a discount day. The surgery took place in the hospital which made me feel very safe. Dr. Walden was prompt, organized and remembered all of my prior concerns.The lines of patient/doctor were blurred and I felt like she was more of a friend and source of support. Even after the surgery I was given her private contact which I used MANY times. I remember calling Dr. Walden really late at night after a little accident and she was concerned and reassuring. Never once did I feel rushed off the phone. All of my questions were answered, and her previous clients were extremely happy with the results when I called for questions. Furthermore, when I had a problem with a bill from the hospital which I spent tedious hours on the phone trying to resolve was taken care of Dr. Walden’s main RN, who was as sweet, gentle and down to earth as everyone who works there. My overall experience was positive and my results are natural. Highly recommended!


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10-Units of Botox

EON Robotic Laser Fat-Reduction Treatment

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