Cannes Festival Beauties

Cannes Festival Beauties

We all love movie premiers and film festivals because of the movies right? Of course not! It’s the dresses, the fashion, the designers, oh and a little thing we call botox! This year’s Cannes Festival showcased some of Hollywood’s most beautiful in their favorite designer’s gowns and suits. While most people were looking at the outfits, I was looking at what was above them. I found a few actresses I wanted to comment on:


Uma Thurman: The 41 year old mother of two looks fabulous. There’s just a few wrinkles here and there to remind us how long we have had her in our lives but she is absolutely radiant. It looks like she has had some botox in her forehead and filler in her smile lines. Everything is so well done and looks so natural.


Penelope Cruz: While the 37 year old new mom does look great, I don’t think she looks that natural. We’ll cut her some slack though because she just had her son and probably was too excited to get back to her botox/filler routine. She does look youthful though and her post-baby body is fantastic.


Naomi Campbell: The model, who turns 41 this week, turned a few heads at the festival (not in a good way). I think that in the attempt to keep up with the modeling world, she overdid it a little and doesn’t look like herself. It just doesn’t look natural. Her full cheeks do make her look like a nicer person though!


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