A Royal Cover Up

A Royal Cover Up


What do you do when you’re pregnant and can’t get your botox for the event of the decade? You either cut bangs or you put on a hat! Luckily for Victoria Beckham, hats were of course a staple at the royal wedding; only most people wore them on their heads and not on their faces. Victoria’s hat was strategically placed right over her forehead! Hmm..covering something? Pregnant with her fourth child, Victoria didn’t have the option of getting her normal treatments, including botox and fillers, for the big event so she did the next best thing. I think it was brilliant.

While today was the perfect day for a hat, Victoria is going to have to come up with some other clever ways to hide until she graces us with a fourth beautiful child. America is not as hat-friendly as England (I’m pretty sure no country is) so expect to see bangs soon! Of course, she is married to a beautiful distraction so maybe she should just stand next to David all the time and we would never notice any wrinkles…


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