Dr. Jennifer Walden, Guest Columnist for Austin Business Journal

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Guest Columnist for Austin Business Journal

Featured in Austin Business Journal’s ABJ-E column, Dr. Jennifer Walden shares her personal tips on how to promote your business online.

Online marketing is essential for a prosperous business. It is important to envision how you would like for your business to be represented and where online it should be located. Dr. Walden shares three tips:

Share your results on your website – Share your accomplishments on your site. Photos and video clips help demonstrate your unique craft and break up the monotony of a boring textual website.

Take a strategic approach to SEO and SEM – How is your website ranked on Google for key search terms for your place of business, product or service? If you do not have top ranking, try Google-sponsored ads – a form of online paid advertising to help boost your website to the top of the Google listings. As time passes, the better position your organic listings will achieve, and the less you will need to spend and the more organic SEO will take over.

More is not necessarily more – Pick your social media sites but don’t overextend. A focused approach for a business’s online presence is key.

Visit Dr. Walden’s article “Ways to get your business found online” to learn more about keeping your business in the spotlight.
Dr. Walden is proud to be introduced as one of Austin Business Journal’s newest contributing writers. Keep an eye out for her in the paper’s ABJ-E column!


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