Health Implications of Tanning by Sun or Spray

Health Implications of Tanning by Sun or Spray

As summer quickly fades, the urge to keep your glow going may increase, but too much of a good thing can potentially be dangerous.

Featured on Austin’s Your News Now (YNN), Dr. Jennifer Walden discusses the present dangers of UV exposure while tanning by sunbed or outdoors, as well as new research on dangerous chemicals found in many spray tan materials.

Recent studies have found that DHA, the chemical active ingredient in the spray tanning materials, has been found to be damaging to skin cells in some cell studies. The chemical, which turns your skin brown after spraying, is harmful because it stains the superficial layers of the skin, but can potentially stain deeper under the skin causing the chemical to be systemically absorbed. If the chemical gets in the eyes, becomes inhaled or gets into the mucus membranes it could potentially enter the bloodstream.

Although the FDA has not banned the chemical use, Dr. Walden says more studies are needed to determine public health of the product. In the meantime, Dr. Walden urges consumers to use the product sparingly and not every single day.

Instead of relying on artificial tanners, Dr. Walden promotes the “Go with Your Glow” campaign. Do your best to stay hydrated, eat well, allow yourself plenty of sleep and use tinted or mineral based make-up to help that natural glow.


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