New 3D Imaging Software in Austin

New 3D Imaging Software in Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden joined KVUE News in an interview to discuss a new, 3-D imaging software to help patients decide whether cosmetic surgery is right for them.


The Vectra 3D software takes three simultaneous photos of the patient. Then, in just a matter of minutes, those photos begin forming a three-dimensional image of the patient on the computer monitor. The Vectra 3D allows the surgeon to alter the image in 3-D, giving prospective patients a more realistic view of what they can expect to look like after surgery from multiple viewpoints.

“It’s an exciting new technology that can really help with preoperative planning, managing patient expectations and showing prospective patients what they will look like before the first incision is ever made,” said Dr. Walden.

Before the Vectra 3D, Dr. Walden said they could show before and afters to patients or change the two-dimensional profile view, but there were inherent limitations in what could be done to successfully predict a prospective patients postoperative image. With the help of the new 3-D imaging software, Dr. Walden can give her patients a more realistic outcome.

Dr. Walden is the first plastic surgeon in Austin to use the Vectra 3D camera and software.


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