Leading Ladies: Dr. Walden’s feature in The Daily Texan

Leading Ladies: Dr. Walden’s feature in The Daily Texan

Dr. Walden was recently interviewed by a reporter from The Daily Texan, the University of Texas’s student-run newspaper. The article, named “Leading Ladies: UT alumnus owns cosmetic surgery private practice,” highlights key events in Dr. Walden’s life that have influenced the successful plastic surgeon that she is today.

The article focuses on some of Dr. Walden’s major accomplishments, such as balancing being a full-time mother to her twin sons, Houston and Rex, co-author of “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” a philanthropist involved in a number of organizations, and a female owning her own practice in a male-dominated field of surgery.

Dr. Walden’s private practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, which has a fully accredited operating room located at the Westlake Medical Center, is located in Austin, Texas.

Check out the article on The Daily Texan’s website for a closer look into the life of Dr. Walden!


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