Dr. Walden discusses the "Botox Breast Lift" on Yahoo! Beauty

Dr. Walden discusses the "Botox Breast Lift" on Yahoo! Beauty

Dr. Walden was recently featured on Yahoo! Beauty in the article “The Truth About The “Botox Breast Lift.” The article argues against previous claims made by one London-based doctor who said that Botox can be used as a substitute for a surgical breast lift

According to Dr. Walden, “When we talk about using injectables like Botox in the face, we have predictable outcomes. Starting to inject materials into the breast, which is a cancer-prone organ, worries me. With any new idea or procedure, we need to do it for a long time before we can advise it as the standard of care.” Furthermore, she says, placing Botox – or any injectable meant for the face – into the breast can be risky.

Dr. Walden describes using Botox to create fuller, more perkier breasts as “a sexy idea,” but it may not be worth the money, time, or the risk that comes with putting needles into the breast. As a result, Dr. Walden believes much more research is necessary before she would recommend such a procedure.

Check out the article on Yahoo! Beauty for more details on Dr. Walden’s opinion about “The Botox Breast Lift”!


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