Dr. Walden First in Austin to Offer New SmartGraft Technology for Hair Transplantation and Restoration

Dr. Walden First in Austin to Offer New SmartGraft Technology for Hair Transplantation and Restoration

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jennifer Walden will be the first to offer the groundbreaking new SmartGraft technology to Austin, Texas at her Westlake Medical Center location. SmartGraft is an trailblazing new innovation for hair transplantation and hair restoration. It utilizes a follicular unit extraction technique to restore hair to thinning hairlines and bald spots. This technology can also be used to reverse hair loss caused by surgical procedures such as facelifts and brow lifts.

SmartGraft utilizes the technique of follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a process by which individual hair follicles are removed from areas of high hair density and transplanted into areas of low hair density. These follicles are immediately counted, sorted, and stored as they are collected. SmartGraft technology utilizes this quick technique to cut down on surgery time by one third. The quickly implanted follicles are also more likely to be successfully transplanted than other techniques. SmartGraft doesn’t require the use of major surgery, which differs from the popular technique of Follicular Transfer. Instead, SmartGraft is an in office procedure with a quick recovery time for patients. Unlike Follicular Transfer, SmartGraft doesn’t leave a large scar on the back of the head of the patient. SmartGraft’s efficiency is one of the main reasons this powerful procedure is being offered by Dr. Walden.

Are you a candidate for SmartGraft hair transplantation? You may be surprised. SmartGraft’s delicate technique allows even more possibilities for hair loss patients. SmartGraft can harvest the fine hair at the nape of the neck to replace balding or thin eyebrows. Women who have suffered from over plucking their eyebrows over the years finally have a solution for hair restoration. SmartGraft can also be used for scar camouflage and patients who want the most flexibility with their hair after the procedure.

SmartGraft is the most innovative hair restoration option on the market right now. For more information on how you can utilize SmartGraft be sure to schedule a consultation(link). Check out the SmartGraft website (link) for background on the science behind FUE. Be sure to leave a comment down below, letting us know how you feel about this new technology.


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