Reasons Why FaceTite is Changing the way we Rejuvenate the Face

Botox Austin TX

Reasons Why FaceTite is Changing the way we Rejuvenate the Face

FaceTite Austin TX

The desire for minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation has been loud and clear for many years. Fortunately, scientific research has caught up with the demand for non-surgical treatment options. One significant improvement has been the introduction of FaceTite®.

FaceTite (along with NeckTite and BodyTite) is an innovative radiofrequency procedure that involves tiny incisions. When treating the face, these incisions may be made in inconspicuous locations such as under the chin. With the area numbed with local anesthetic, a small probe is then inserted just beneath the surface. The internal probe is connected to an energy source, as well as an external probe. During treatment, energy transfers between these two probes, accurately warming tissue to a precise temperature which evokes a tightening process that continues for six months or longer.

In addition to outstanding results, a number of significant advantages make FaceTite an appealing procedure. These include:

  • Patient comfort using local anesthesia. A few injections of numbing medication are all that is needed for a comfortable treatment process.
  • Powerful effects. The combination of internal and external administration of radiofrequency energy has delivered predictable and powerful skin tightening, particularly for neck and jaw laxity.
  • Built-in safety. The FaceTite treatment platform has three built-in feedback mechanisms that ensure accurate energy delivery. Once the target threshold has been reached, the device automatically stops emitting energy.
  • Protection of deeper structures. Facial rejuvenation is intended to enhance contours. Therefore, we are careful to protect fat and other underlying structures. FaceTite facilitates this by delivering energy in a specific region of the skin.
  • FaceTite is able to focus on particular areas of concern in order to provide each patient with the results they expect.
  • Easy recovery. On one hand, FaceTite does not achieve the degree of lift that obtained with a surgical facelift. On the other hand, the recovery time from skin tightening is much shorter.

Dr. Walden has carefully selected the devices in our practice based on proven results and safety. FaceTite has performed so well that its current RealSelf rating sits at 100%. If you would like to see what is possible for your skin, contact our Austin office at 512-328-4100.


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