Vaginal Rejuvenation with FemTouch

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Vaginal Rejuvenation with FemTouch

FemTouch Austin TX | Vaginal RejuvenationFor several decades, women have had opportunities to address various cosmetic concerns. Quality skincare helps us support dermatologic needs. Cosmetic surgeries like blepharoplasty and facelifts allow us to maintain the facial aesthetic we’d like. As we have become more empowered to talk about the complete nature of being a woman, women have offered the medical community insight into what matters. One of the prime concerns that women express has nothing to do with appearance, but everything to do with confidence.

We’re talking about vaginal atrophy. The Vaginal Rejuvenation Center of Austin has been established with the intent of giving women options for how they manage the aging of their feminine parts. One way to address concerns is with the FemTouch laser.

What is FemTouch?

The FemTouch device is a CO2 fractional laser. This type of laser resurfacing has commonly been used on facial skin to reduce the signs of aging. When CO2 comes into contact with the mucous epithelium layer of the vaginal canal, gentle ablation occurs. This means that a superficial layer of vaginal lining is removed. Simultaneously, blood coagulation occurs. These initial effects incite collagen proliferation that supports healthy tissue regeneration. The new tissue that is generated restores an optimal foundation for vaginal health.

FemTouch CO2 fractional laser treatment can address many concerns in a straightforward treatment process. Some of the concerns treated with FemTouch include:

  • Laxity of vaginal tissues
  • Inflammation or swelling of the vaginal lining
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Frequent vaginal infections
  • Vaginal itching
  • Loss of elasticity and subsequent painful intercourse

A New Era for Women’s Health and Wellness

We have come a long way in acknowledging the unique needs of the female body and psyche. Vaginal health is integral to optimal aging for every woman. Now that science has confirmed the prevalence of vaginal atrophy (affecting nearly 80% of post-menopausal women), we are witnessing a transition into a new era in which more effort is put into safe, reliable treatments.

FemTouch demonstrates a step forward in women’s health. Most patients notice improvement after their first treatment, with further benefits gained from a series of three sessions. According to recent studies, approximately 91% of women treated with FemTouch have reported substantially improved vaginal function after three sessions.

You are invited to explore the treatment options offered at the Vaginal Rejuvenation Center of Austin. Call 512.328.4100 to schedule your visit.


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