PRP a Promising Prospect for Female Hair

Hair Transplant Austin TX

PRP a Promising Prospect for Female Hair

Hair Transplant Austin TX Perhaps you’ve heard of the Vampire Facial that has become so popular in recent years. This skin treatment rejuvenates the skin by introducing your own blood product to superficial tissues. This is known as Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP for short. As more research has been conducted on PRP, it has come to light that this blood derivative holds value for the hair.

What is so Magical about PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is making waves in aesthetic medicine as well as in regenerative and functional medicine. It’s relatively simple how it works. There are two main components to blood. One is our red blood cells and the other is plasma. It is in plasma where white blood cells live. Plasma also contains platelets, which have a high concentration of growth factors.

Growth factors play an essential role in the skin. They act as messengers that facilitate the normal functions of skin cells. What has been discovered about the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma is that they also stimulate the hair follicles to function more efficiently. According to scientific articles, PRP can increase the thickness of hair, increase hair count, and elongate the active phase of the hair growth cycle.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP treatments are conducted in a short office visit under local anesthesia that begins with a quick blood draw from the arm. The vial of blood is spun in a centrifuge at high speed so the plasma separates from red blood cells. This allows us direct access to the blood product that will provide the desired benefit. When plasma has been separated, it can then be injected directly into the scalp using a meticulous technique that covers the entire area of thinning.

Female hair loss can cause noticeable thinning at the part and the crown of the head. Platelet-rich plasma has shown promising results for this problem and may be an integral part of a multifaceted treatment program. To learn more about PRP for hair loss, contact our Austin office at 512-328-4100.


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