How Testosterone Replacement Can Boost a Man’s Health

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Austin TX

How Testosterone Replacement Can Boost a Man’s Health

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Austin TX We are proud to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to the men and women of Austin and surrounding areas. In recent years, we have come to know much more about the relationship between hormones and general health and wellness. As we have gained insights through research, we have been able to significantly improve patients’ lives with appropriate health management. Here, we discuss the value of bioidentical testosterone for men.

A Testosterone Boost is More Than You Think

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that gets the most attention for its role in erectile function. However, testosterone is also critical in the reduction of risks for age-related disease. Studies have correlated optimal testosterone levels with lower overall cholesterol and the correction of LDL to HDL. Testosterone is also integral to the prevention of coronary plaque formation. Additionally, research suggests that testosterone supports healthy bone structure and breast tissue and that it can reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s.

Supplement Matters

There are a few ways that men can support testosterone naturally, such as working out on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy weight. However, at some point, many men are best served with supplemental testosterone. Standard methods of administration include injection, topical solutions, and pellets that are implanted in superficial tissue. When blood levels are consistently maintained through appropriate supplementation, a man can experience numerous benefits.

As much as application matters, so does dosing. The frequency of dosing directly relates to the consistency of testosterone blood levels. To achieve this, injections would be needed about twice a week. A topical solution would need to be applied to the skin twice a day to support optimal testosterone. Testosterone pellets, which is the method used in our Austin office, only need to be inserted every 5 to 6 months. Once granules are embedded in tissue, the body is free to use testosterone naturally as needed.

Men who have been treated with testosterone pellets have reported a general improvement in their sense of wellness. Optimizing male hormones may mean sustained energy throughout the day, better sleep at night, and improved sexual performance. Men whose testosterone levels are maintained are better able to metabolize fat and sustain muscle mass. These apparent improvements are augmented by long-term health benefits such as better cognitive function and heart health.

Could you or someone you love benefit from bioidentical testosterone replacement? Contact our Austin office at 512-328-4100 to schedule a consultation.


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