Can BBL Help You Stay Forever Young?

Broadband Light Laser Treatment Austin TX

Can BBL Help You Stay Forever Young?

Broadband Light Laser Treatment Austin TXWith so many non-surgical modalities now available to smooth and brighten the skin, deciding how to address the signs of aging might feel more challenging than the days when surgery was the only solution. At the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Austin, we walk patients through the options that seem to fit their needs and preferences best. One of the popular non-surgical approaches to aging that we are asked about is BBL Forever Young.

What is it?

BBL is broadband light. This low-frequency photothermal energy has been studied for its collagen-stimulating abilities. The broad range of energy wavelengths evenly treats the skin to improve its tone, texture, and tightness naturally, from the inside out.

What Makes BBL So Special

Dr. Walden invests a great deal of time researching the latest devices and recognizes what makes a particular technology stand out in a crowd. With BBL Forever Young, it’s mechanics.

Most of the skin rejuvenating platforms that exist today tighten and tone by heating tissues that lay the foundation for firm, glowing skin. The depth of tissue that is usually treated is where fibroblast cells live. These collagen-producing cells react to controlled heating by stimulating more collagen. BBL is different.

Two large BBL studies have been performed by researchers at Stanford University, each providing valuable insights into the synergy between broadband light and skin cells. In one study, scientists discovered that the genes that are responsible for aging skin cells actually changed the way they expressed after three BBL treatments performed over a three-month period. After these treatments, the cell-controlling genes behaved like the genes in youthful skin cells.

Seeing the short-term effects of broadband light treatments, researchers wanted to observe the cumulative impact of routine procedures, if there were any. What they discovered was that, with 2 to 4 treatments each year, the expression of skin-supporting genes maintained more youthful behavior. This significantly slowed or halted the cosmetic aging of the treatment area.

Aging is Still Aging

We have been consistently pleased with the results achieved with BBL treatments. However, it is crucial that we remember that aging is still aging. If you are interested in BBL or any other skin rejuvenating treatment, you are encouraged to support your results with healthy skincare and sun protection.

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