Laser Skin Resurfacing May Not be What You Think

Skin Resurfacing Austin TX

Laser Skin Resurfacing May Not be What You Think

Skin Resurfacing Austin TX Laser skin resurfacing is not a new technique. Physicians and trained professionals have provided various forms of rejuvenating treatments for years. It is true that early laser resurfacing using a consistent beam of CO2 energy was a relatively harsh approach to collagen remodeling. CO2 resurfacing is still performed today, though usually under general anesthesia. In our Austin office, patients can obtain beautiful results without all the hassle thanks to the power of fractional laser resurfacing.

As much as this treatment has evolved, many people still perceive laser skin resurfacing as an invasive and painful process after which months of healing is necessary. This isn’t the case at all. Here, we offer a few pointers on how to approach your personal skin rejuvenation journey.

  1. Choose a trained professional who knows their way around a laser. Our laser specialist performs multiple treatments every day and has been fully trained on our fractional devices. We prioritize training and clinical experience because we understand the power of lasers to do tremendous good – or to provoke damage or unsatisfactory results. Before undergoing laser resurfacing, ask questions about training and the number of treatments performed. We welcome them!
  2. Schedule resurfacing treatment with care. After any laser resurfacing treatment, regardless of depth, the skin will naturally be sun-sensitive. Wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must and, for at least a few days, it’s best to just stay out of the sun.
  3. Yes, it might be uncomfortable. Fractional laser resurfacing like we offer in our Austin office breaks up laser energy into thousands of tiny beams. Still, we can customize treatment to remove a deeper layer of skin cells. The more ablative resurfacing is, the more discomfort may occur. That being said, patients can benefit from a topical anesthetic and, in the case of fractional resurfacing, most of our patients say that treatment is more like warm “snaps” against the skin; a minor discomfort for outstanding improvement in tone and texture.

Learn more about laser skin resurfacing and the treatments offered in our office. Call 512.328.4100.


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