Plastic Surgery Obsession on VH1

Plastic Surgery Obsession on VH1

Be sure and watch VH1’s new special, Plastic Surgery Obsession, which will begin airing tonight at 10pm EST! This was a fun special to participate in… I enjoyed working with theVH1 team as they raised some insightful and timely questions on Hollywood’s incessant quest for beauty.

plastic surgery austin tx | Dr. Jennifer Walden

plastic surgery austin tx | Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery. Everyone’s doing it-and talking openly about it, too.

Gone are the days when face lifts and boob jobs were procedures available only to the rich and famous. Now, getting a little “nip and tuck” is increasingly becoming the norm, and today’s stars have gone front and center with their remade bodies.

VH1 NEWS investigates how Hollywood’s plastic surgery infatuation has transformed careers and fueled new cutting-edge surgical procedures.

But it’s not just relegated to Tinsel-town; in today’s Plastic Surgery Nation there are Botox parties, plastic surgeons offering “pick your famous face” menus, and children’s books explaining to kids why “mommy looks different”. Just ask the soccer mom who’s showing off her body to anyone who cares to see.

VH1 NEWS provides an in-depth look at the new “face” of plastic surgery – featuring fresh interviews with doctors, celebs and pop culture experts.

Some more highlights:


Cutting Edge: What are the some of the ever evolving industry’s newest procedures and secrets?
Younger Faces: The increase in teen plastic surgery: How young is too young?
The Dark Side: Body Dysmorphia, depression, and sometimes even death are just a few of the horrifying dangers involved in looking “amazing.”
Plastic Surgery Disasters: Some of Tinseltown’s most infamous cosmetic surgery calamities


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