Amazing & Highly Recommended

Amazing & Highly Recommended

Another web posting from an extremely happy Breast Augmentation patient. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazing & Highly Recommended
by MSP1230 at Citysearch

I am beyond ecstatic with my results!

For many years I had contemplated getting breast augmentation. I live in Manhattan; therefore, choosing a doctor in the city seemed like it would be a difficult task due to the vast amount of plastic surgeons that practice in the city. However, I knew Dr. Walden was the doctor for me the first time I came across her name in one of my โ€œNew Beautyโ€ magazines. Instantly, I experienced a great gut feeling, which was later confirmed during my initial consultation.

Prior to this office visit, I had researched Dr. Walden’s website extensively and was extremely impressed with the amount of information provided on her site.

Additionally, I was equally impressed to discover the numerous media appearance she has made, expert opinion contributions featured in many well-known magazines and Dr. Walden’s dedication to her philanthropy work.

From the minute I walked into her office for my consultation to the minute I left the hospital after my surgery I knew I had selected the right doctor and practice.

Everyone involved helped to make my experience pleasant and full of reassurance. From Oliviaโ€™s (Dr. Walden’s front desk coordinator) friendly voice to Janieโ€™s (Dr. Walden’s medical assistant) kind smile and Sarahโ€™s (Dr. Walden’s RN) constant professionalism and willingness to always take the time to return my phone calls promptly and answer my numerous e-mails and questions. I could have not have asked for a better group of people to help me go through the process.

In addition, the wonderful staff at MEETH were equally as fabulous. They were so kind, very organized and made me feel 150% comfortable!

Dr. Walden is truly the best! In addition to my positive experience, throughout the process I am unbelievable happy with my results!!! Dr. Walden’s willingness to listen to my wants and advise me about my options are very much appreciated and her kindness, knowledge and talent are valued and respected!

I could not have asked for a better doctor, experience and final results. I would recommend Dr. Walden and her staff to anyone any day!

* Pros: Excellent Doctor, Wonderful Staff, Amazing Results
* Cons: None!


Plus, for each visit, earn rewards like:

(1) EmSculpt or EmSculpt NEO Treatment

10-Units of Botox

EON Robotic Laser Fat-Reduction Treatment

VIP Birthday Gift โ€“ 15% Off any skincare product and much more!

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