More than happy!

More than happy!

This is a web review from a “more than happy” breast augmentation patient….

More than happy!
by gemi523 at Citysearch

I had considered breast augmentation since I was 16 and I finally went through with it 10 years later. When the time was right, I did tons of research on my own about breast augmentation and the risks. I did multiple searches on Plastic Surgeons in NYC. Dr. Walden was the first and ONLY consultation I went on and I immediately knew she was going to be my surgeon.

I am a Registered Nurse and felt extremely comfortable and welcomed inside of Dr. Waldens office. Everything was clean, sterile, and warm. Upon meeting Dr. Walden and her staff, they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Walden reiterated everything that I had done my own research on.

Being from Los Angeles, I didnt want the “Hollywood platic job look” and when I told Dr. Walden, she knew exactly what I wanted. She even suggested I could go slightly larger than I had come into the office thinking. I trusted her judgement and I couldnt had asked for more beautiful breasts. No one knows they arent real but some will ask me only because they are so perfect for my size. She was very honest about what to expect after surgery.

One of my issues while consulting with Dr. Walden was scarring. I develop keloids. She explained to me that keloids may develop from bacteria entering wounds and not getting appropriate attention to lacerations. Dr. Walden made a small incision at my areola and the scars are not even visible! When it was time for my stitches to come out, I wasnt able to make my appointment. Dr. Walden was willing to come to my hospital to remove them because her office was nearby. Though I didnt want to inconvenience her.

Its been 1.5 years since my surgery and I am extremely satisfied.

I DO recommend Dr. Walden to any women I meet who wants plastic surgery. And if I considered more procedures for myself, I would call Dr. Walden right away.


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