Half Their Age (& Half The Truth!)

Half Their Age (& Half The Truth!)

People Magazine’s most recent issue is out and besides naming Jennifer Lopez the most world’s most beautiful woman (she is very beautiful but that is an extreme declaration!) they have a segment about women who look half their age. Along with their pictures, these women talk about how and why they look that good. Well, they really only talk about half of the reasons. Of course they begin with the gorgeous, age-defying Christie Brinkley:

Dr. Jennifer Walden | Blog | Austin, TX

She says her secret is that she multi-tasks and is careful about how much make up she wears and what color she dyes her hair. And yes we should believe that is why she looks like this at 57. The Easter bunny is coming over to my house on Sunday too! I wasn’t looking for a detailed invoice of what all these women had done but at least give a hint or two about having a little help (from a friendly dermatologist or surgeon) so that women in their 40’s and 50’s aren’t going crazy at home thinking that this is possible without that. I think they all look young, healthy and natural, but it is because they have had help. Anyone could see that they have had Botox and fillers and I applaud them for not overdoing it. They don’t look fake or frozen at all. Here are the other examples and their “explanations”:

Dr. Jennifer Walden | Blog | Austin, TX

Stacey Dash, now 44 and says she washes her face every night and drinks water. Sorry Stacey, but we are not as clueless as you were back then.

Dr Jennifer Walden | Blog | Austin, TX

Dana Delaney, an amazing 55 years old, just got a role that was made for a 35 year old. She says she only eats fish and vegetables and does yoga. While those definitely keep you in shape and healthy, they don’t take away the wrinkles 55 years on this earth will give you!

Dr Jennifer Walden | Blog | Austin, TX

The same thing goes for Lucy Liu, 42. Yes, the running, pilates, and yoga she does helps her keep her Charlie’s Angels body, but botox and fillers have helped her keep her youthful face.

Even with a little help, I think these women have done a great job taking care of themselves and they should be proud. They’re beautiful!


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