Dr. Walden Graces the Pages of Texas Monthly!

Dr. Walden Graces the Pages of Texas Monthly!

Dr. Jennifer Walden has finally returned to her roots! After completing an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, building a successful aesthetic surgery practice in New York City, Dr. Walden has finally returned to her hometown – Austin, Texas.

Texas Monthly was one of the first to get the inside scoop on the doctor’s major move back to the Capital and her transition from one practice on Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side to the Lone Star State.

Read all about her in this month’s issue of Texas Monthly, y’all!

Dr. Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for eight years, focusing exclusively on cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentations, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties, commonly referred to as nose jobs. She also performs liposuction on the abdomen, inner thighs, and arms – and minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections and soft-tissue fillers.

Dr. Walden believes, however, that being a female plastic surgeon has its advantages. 91 percent of all cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. And the majority of those women do not have procedures to replicate the male ideal archetype of that perfect figure that society perpetuates.

“Many of my patients tell me they are more comfortable talking to another woman about certain parts of their body. They also know I will never look at them judgmentally,” Dr. Walden said in the article as told to the uber-talented writer, Skip Hollandsworth, of Texas Monthly.

Many women look to plastic surgery to overcome body deformities, or because they are embarrassed by asymmetries their body may have. Or their body has gone through significant changes after giving birth and they not only want to feel like their old self post-pregnancy.

Proud mother of eighteen month-old twin boys, Dr. Walden has also gone through many of the same experiences as her patients. She confidently understands what her patient’s wants and needs are, and she is not ashamed to admit what procedures she may undergo in the future.

Although happy to return to her hometown, where her sons will be closer to her family, Dr. Walden did express concerns about leaving her successful NYC practice to start up a new one, in a city known for being au natural. Dr. Walden was nervous that Austin’s residents might be less receptive to cosmetic procedures than the residents of New York’s Upper East Side.

Much to Dr. Walden’s surprise, by the time her plane landed in Texas, two patients had already booked surgery to have their breast enhancement. Texans, Dr. Walden and her staff have discovered, have as much of a desire for cosmetic work as people anywhere else.

Dr. Walden admits that sometimes she is asked why she chose cosmetic surgery over another specialty. Her response is always the same. She says one of her goals is to help women improve upon themselves. Surgery often times is a way for women to have a better quality of life and improved self-confidence.

“If I thought my work was simply an exercise in vanity, I wouldn’t do it,” Dr. Walden said in conclusion to the article.

To read more about Dr. Walden’s exciting transition, her thoughts on the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, and what it’s like to be a female cosmetic surgeon, visit the Texas Monthly “The Working Life.”


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