Plastic Surgery as a Graduation Gift?

Plastic Surgery as a Graduation Gift?

The gift of plastic surgery could give college, and even high school graduates the confidence boost they may need to successfully start a new chapter in their lives.

Featured on Perry Watson’s “News Radio” segment on KLBJ Radio, Dr. Jennifer Walden was on hand to discuss a new trend currently sweeping graduates across the nation.

During Watson’s interview, Dr. Walden said that young females as well as young males are asking for, and receiving plastic surgery as graduation gifts. Nationwide, Dr. Walden said the most popular procedures among graduates are nose jobs, breast augmentation, breast reduction, ear-pinning surgery and liposuction.

To many young adults, plastic surgery may serve as a confidence boost that can help them grow from one chapter to the next in their lives. But, Dr. Walden does caution young adults who choose cosmetic procedures. Regardless of the procedure, Dr. Walden advises that patients be emotionally stable, developmentally ready, and have the support of their parents.


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