Rising Trend: Mother and Daughter Plastic Surgery

Rising Trend: Mother and Daughter Plastic Surgery

For most mothers and daughters, bonding time comes in the form of a shopping excursion, however now there’s a new trend of going under the knife together. Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden visited the KVUE-TV Austin studio to discuss this rising trend!

The average age range of women seeking plastic surgery is 35 to 50 years, however there is a growing range of younger women in their early twenties interested in plastic surgery. Mothers and daughters, now more than ever, are beginning to seek surgical procedures at the same time.

Dr. Walden suggested that a mother and daughter may elect to have surgeries at the same time because they can act as support systems for one another. She believes the camaraderie and bonding in the post-operative stage of plastic surgery is the reason fueling this rising trend.

Surgical procedures range from family members or close friends choosing rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation and even a mother choosing a facelift and her daughter wanting breast augmentation, said Dr. Walden. This growing trend has truly become a family affair, allowing confidantes to bond throughout the surgical process.

Recovery from plastic surgery is about two weeks, with one week off from work or school. Dr. Walden suggests that if you do decide to go under the knife at the same time, it is imperative to have a qualified caregiver oversee you and your loved one during the recovery process.


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