Real Patient Stories: Kristin

Real Patient Stories: Kristin

We are so pleased to feature Kristin as our first featured patient in our Real Patient Stories video series! Our Real Patient Stories series will focus on candid video testimonials from the patients Dr. Walden has treated in her Austin, Texas cosmetic surgery practice. Real Patient Stories are “in their own words” patient experiences.

Kristin is a 33 year old female who had successfully undergone a twin pregnancy. Yet slim and with a petite frame, the twin gestation wreaked havoc on Kristin’s body. Some time after the birth of her babies, Kristin consulted with Dr. Jennifer Walden, board certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden then performed a breast augmentation surgery which served to lift and add volume to her breasts, as well as tummy tuck to get rid of the stretched out skin and to tighten the loose six-pack ab muscles. Here is Kristin’s story in her own words, with her three sons joining her at the end, on how she found Dr. Walden and chose her as the surgeon to perform the mommy makeover, and how she felt a connection with another twin mom as her doctor!

Below is Kristin’s story, in her words:

“I’m Kristin, and I’m 36 years old….

….I had a mommy makeover with Dr. Walden, and that means I had a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and then I went back about a year later and I had liposuction on my legs. I would say that the mommy makeover was very important to me! I had three children, including twins, and that left my body kind of a mess! There was a lot of loose skin and problems that exercise could never fix. After having twins, I went to see a trainer to try and get my pre-baby figure back. I spent months working out and finally the trainer told me that no amount of exercise is going to give me the flat stomach I had before children. The trainer said that really, I was going to have to undergo a cosmetic procedure to fix the loose skin that I had.

Today, after having a mommy makeover, my stomach is flatter than it was even before I had children….. I was reorganizing some things in my house recently and I stumbled upon the box with my wedding dress in it. I tried it on just for fun and it looked better today than it did 10 years ago and I know that’s thanks to Dr. Walden!

After I had my first consultation I knew right then that I was going to get this done. I could tell just how confident Dr. Walden was in herself and it made me feel just as good about her. Once I thought that this was possible, I knew I was going to do it.

I have a busy life. I have three young children and I work full time. I didn’t think plastic surgery was an option for me because I was worried about the downtime. But if I had known years ago how easy it truly was to recover, I would have done this a long time ago, because I feel so good now. Dr. Walden and her staff made it really easy for me. I was back to work just about a week later. The recovery was so much easier than I thought it would be, and I think that is thanks to her and her staff!

I would say Dr. Walden is really kind, she’s really compassionate, and most of all I would say she is the best at what she does. I trust her implicitly. The procedures that I had done were not small procedures. They took hours but I had no fear at all, because I knew that she was excellent. I didn’t have one moment of fear. If I were to have another procedure, or if I had a friend having a procedure, I would trust her again and I would recommend her to anyone. With Dr. Walden we have big city experience. She trained with the best of the best in Manhattan. I think Austin is really fortunate to have a plastic surgeon of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s caliber here in Austin. There’s no need to go anywhere else for plastic surgery!

As a matter of fact, I feel completely confident now to put on a bathing suit at any pool or beach, which is not something I could have said even in my 20’s. You know people do ask how I do it after having three kids and I’m not shy to say it’s because I had a mommy makeover with Dr.Walden, because I want people to know that they can do it too. I don’t think plastic surgery is something that people should be embarrassed about or keep a secret. I want everyone to go and get this done and I’d like other people to feel just as good as I do!

I chose Dr. Walden because she’s a mother like me, because she is the best at what she does; I wanted someone who could relate to my concerns and so when I found Dr. Walden, I didn’t look any further…. she was a mom like me….she understood what I felt about my body after pregnancy, and after having babies. So once I found her, once I looked at her credentials, and her excellent training in Manhattan, I didn’t go to any other physicians. I just went with my gut and I’m so glad I did! ”

Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your amazing story with us and for being such a multi-tasking mom who is beautiful inside and out!


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