KEYE-TV’s Beauty and Beyond: THERMIsmooth 250

KEYE-TV’s Beauty and Beyond: THERMIsmooth 250

Austin, Texas plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden’s KEYE-TV segment Beauty and Beyond focuses on educating viewers about new innovations in cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation. Dr. Walden aims to provide women with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the numerous treatments and procedures on the market today. This week on Beauty and Beyond, Dr. Walden introduced the new THERMIsmooth body 250 skin tightening and cellulite reduction device.


About TherMIsmooth

The THERMIsmooth 250 targets pockets of troublesome fat located in the chest, breasts, arms, abdomen, flanks, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. THERMIsmooth utilizes the most penetrative radiofrequency on the market today to yield unparalleled results.

The Thermismooth 250 electrode is massaged into the targeted area at a precise temperature range. The electrode is guided smoothly by the esthetician over the skin’s surface. As the body absorbs the radio frequency output, the body temperature matches the target temperature emitted by the device. Each area undergoes a 5-7 minute treatment to achieve lasting results. During the treatment, THERMIsmooth remodels collagen and lessens the appearance of cellulite. The treatment helps reveal tight, rejuvenated skin in little to no downtime. THERMIsmooth 250 can show results in as little to 4-5 painless treatments. Each treatment is quick and noninvasive. The treatments could even be done in a lunch break! The THERMIsmooth is the newest technology in the United States, FDA approved and helps to reduce the signs of cellulite quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Walden is excited to be the first in Austin to offer THERMIsmooth 250 for noninvasive body contouring. You can access THERMIsmooth and many other conservative treatments options in the MedSpa at Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center at Westlake Medical Center. Click here or call (512) 328-4100 if you are interested in a consultation. Check out the video above for more information. We hope to see you soon.


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