Dr. Walden on Fox News Hannity Show in NYC

Dr. Walden on Fox News Hannity Show in NYC

Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently invited to be on a panel of medical experts, pundits, and Congressmen/women on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News in New York City. Dr. Walden was asked to help shed some light on the Affordable Care Act and what it may mean to patients and physicians, and she as well as others speak to the fact that the new healthcare laws may pose difficulty for physicians and patients given the broad changes in the delivery of health care and mandates by the federal government.

An intact physician/ patient relationship is necessary and it is important for patients to be able to select their own physician. Dr. Walden makes the point that health insurance plans do not provide the care, the doctors and nurses do, so it is important that licensed healthcare providers are kept in the loop in the decision making process on re-shaping our broken healthcare system.


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