Wonder Woman: Dr. Jennifer Walden featured on TexasMD and MD Monthly Magazine cover

Wonder Woman: Dr. Jennifer Walden featured on TexasMD and MD Monthly Magazine cover

We are excited to announce TexasMD’s cover story on Dr. Jennifer Walden! The article focuses on Dr. Walden’s trailblazing career in plastic surgery, covering her beginnings and inspiration to her triumphs as a successful woman in a male dominated field. Shot in the heart of downtown Austin, the photoshoot and story is filled with motifs of Dr. Walden’s Texas roots.

Written by B. Kay Richter, the interview goes back to the innate promise Dr. Walden showed for surgery as a child in art class. Dr. Walden coupled her natural ability with her love for the sciences into a medical career. Her passion led her all the way to New York City where she became associated with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston. However, the birth of her twins Rex and Houston led her back to Austin, Texas where she relies on her years of experience to lead the plastic surgery field in this area today.

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The article also touches on how Dr. Walden used being a woman in a male dominated field of plastic surgery as a strength, rather than a weakness. Dr. Walden connects on a personal level to her patients, who are overwhelmingly female. This connection allows her to get closer to the patient’s desired results while fostering an experience of non judgement and openness.

What was your favorite part of the article? Feel free to comment down below. Connect with TexasMD at their website. Don’t forget to join us for Cosmopolitans and Collagen on May 31st!


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