PiQo4 Laser for Tattoo Removal

PiQo4 Laser for Tattoo Removal

PiQo4 Laser | Tattoo Removal Austin TX

Dr. Walden now offers the fastest, most powerful way to get rid of  unwanted tattoos, the PiQo4 laser. She is also the first in Austin to offer this revolutionary device by Lumenis Aesthetics.

How laser can remove a tattoo

Before the introduction of lasers for tattoo removal, the process was incredibly painful, messy, and pretty ineffective. Options such as dermabrasion often left a scar that was just about as bad as the tattoo.

Lasers changed that. In laser tattoo removal, the laser wavelength is set to match the color of the tattoo. The laser then delivers the light energy to the target, and the color absorbs the laser energy. This energy breaks up the pigment in the ink, and the body then clears the ink from the system. The problem with other lasers is that they only usually can target one or two wavelengths at one time. Most of these older lasers also were ineffective on some of the ink colors. So multiple color tattoos could be challenging and require numerous sessions.

How PiQo4 is different

Unlike most tattoo removal lasers that can target one or two colors at one time, and may not even be able to handle certain colors, the PiQo4 laser generates four wavelengths at one time. These wavelengths work together to target nine of the most common colors used in tattoos.

What does this mean for you? If you’ve seen some friends who have had a tattoo removed, you may notice certain colors are very stubborn, and you can often still see residual color, even after numerous treatments. This isn’t a problem with the PiQo4 laser because of its wide wavelengths targeting all the common tattoo inks.

Spot size matters

The width of the laser spot size matters, as well. The PiQo4 laser has a spot size almost four times larger than its closest competitor. This has three advantages:

  • Larger treatment zones mean faster treatments and shorter sessions.
  • Larger spot sizes penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Larger spot sizes are safer for the skin.

We’re excited about the PiQo4 laser at Dr. Walden’s. If you’ve lost the love for your tattoo, give us a call at 512-328-4100 ext. 2, and our team of laser technicians can put the PiQo4 laser to work for you.


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