Nip and Tuck; Dr. Walden featured in Víve Magazine

Nip and Tuck; Dr. Walden featured in Víve Magazine

Recently launched in Central Texas, Víve Magazine chose to feature Dr. Walden for their first issue that hit the stands in June.

plastic surgeon in austin tx | Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden began in Austin, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin then proceeded to University of Texas at Galveston for both medical school and residency. Dr. Walden then made her move to New York City after being accepted for a prestigious Cosmetic Fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat. After completing her fellowship Dr. Walden remained in New York City where she became a Junior Associate of a internationally know and highly regarded Plastic Surgeon, she worked at the practice for about seven and a half years.

In her 30’s Dr. Walden decided it was time to have a family, becoming a mother of twin boys through in vitro fertilization (IVF) made her decided to make the move back to Austin to raise her boys near family. Dr. Walden started her private practice from the ground up and it remains this way, she is the sole practitioner, sole business owner and own manager. Within her office she has her own operating room where she is dedicated 100% of her time to cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Walden sees Austin has changed in the time since she grew up here, “you still get the small old town feel but… it is different in the sense of overwhelming traffic and rate of people moving into the city”. She states that she sees Austin viewed as more forward thinking and progressive than other areas in a rather conservative state. Dr. Walden is overall glad she is to be back in this “new city” surrounded by family.

plastic surgeon in austin tx | Dr. Jennifer Walden

Discussing her patient demographics Dr. Walden says it is a primarly female majority, most women falling in at the 30’s-40’s age group. The women are mainly new moms who want their figure back after having their children, breast augmentation and tummy tucks are the common procedures. The older patients that come in are women who want to get facelifts, eyelid surgery, and laser to the skin; to get rid of wrinkles and aged appearances to turn the clock back 10 to 15 years. Dr. Walden says her most common procedures are; breast augmentation, rhinoplastlys, facelifts, labiaplastlys, and fat grafting.

When considering plastic surgery Dr. Walden says you should always seek a board certified surgeon for cosmetic plastic surgery; “training, background, and strict reviews from the American Board of Plastic Surgery are the key elements a patient should look for”. To prepare for plastic surgery Dr. Walden says a patient should be aware of their situation, meaning they should know their current medical conditions and overall general health, time they have to devote to recovery, their support system, financial situation, and their heath insurance facts. Final steps to being prepared is to be mentally and psychologically prepared, patients should be ready for the fact that their body with undergo a serious and permanent change.

plastic surgery in austin tx | Jennifer Walden MD

Dr. Walden is highly rated in patient satisfaction, she is noted by others as having great technical skills and producing excellent results. Dr. Walden views Plastic Surgery as an art more than an exact science, she takes great pride in maintaining high standards and quality in her operating room and staff.

Víve also asked Dr. Walden about her recent contribution an article about the rise of teenage plastic surgery. Dr. Walden says this is a “hot topic and controversial one, teens are often bullied and with Facebook and Instagram constantly blasting pictures”. Dr. Walden says young women are vulnerable to peer pressure, but that in the right cases plastic surgery can greatly help a teen. Dr. Walden believes the teen has to be in the right state of mind as well as the parents who need to be knowledgeable about the procedure. The two examples Dr. Walden gave for teen plastic surgery candidates; a boy with a “beak nose not proportional to his face” and a girl with “extremely heavy breasts”, she sees plastic surgery would be great benefit in these situations. Dr. Walden deliberate in clarifying that cosmetic surgery should not be the first answer and appropriate counseling would be needed first, in her own practice Dr. Walden will not perform breast augmentation under the age of 18 unless it is for massive asymmetry or congenital breast deformation.

plastic surgeon in austin tx | Dr. Jennifer Walden

Víve ending the article show casing Dr. Walden’s philanthropic actions and contributions, Austin Junior League’s Food in Tummies Program and Austin Smiles. Austin Junior League’s Food in Tummies Program provides lunches for unprivileged youth in Del Valle Independent School District. Austin Smiles is a program of local plastic surgeons who travel to third world countries to perform cleft lip and palette surgeries, while Dr. Walden has not be able to participate in Austin Smiles recently due to her boy’s age she is looking forward to going again and hopes to bring them as well to show them “the privielge they have and how much we all have living here”.

Vive magazine austin tx | Jennifer Walden MD

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