Real Patient Stories: Sydney

Real Patient Stories: Sydney

We are so pleased to present Sydney as our a featured patient in our Real Patient Stories video series! Our Real Patient Stories series focuses on candid video testimonials from the patients Dr. Walden has treated in her Austin, Texas cosmetic surgery practice. Real Patient Stories are “in their own words” patient experiences.

Sydney is a 9 year old adorable little girl who fell off the monkey bars at school and cut her lower lip at its corner. The laceration extended through-and-through the lip mucosa and skin of the mouth and required plastic surgery to close. Sydney shares her story here with her mother by her side. They sought the care of Dr. Jennifer Walden, board certified Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon. Dr. Walden fixed the lip laceration and hopefully mended Sydney’s spirit in so doing.

Sydney’s mother, Heather, helps share the parent’s perspective of Sydney’s experience.

Below is Sydney and Heather’s story, in their own words:

Heather: “Well I received a phone call from the school nurse and she was very calm. She told me I should probably come and get Sydney. It was only an hour and a half before school was out…”

Sydney: “I was on the playground and I was trying to get off the monkey bars. I landed and my teeth were on my lips. My knee hit my chin and my teeth went into my skin…it was not good.”

Heather: “So she completely cut through her lip here (points to lower lip). I could tell immediately that this was going to be something that scarred her for life if it wasn’t done properly or still could even if a plastic surgeon took care of it. I knew I wanted to be in the hands of somebody where that is what they do. They sew people up in the best possible manner. So for her (Sydney) sake and being a female, I thought were going to try and get in with Dr. Walden if possible. So I called Dr. Walden’s office and spoke to her nurse. Within five minutes Dr. Walden called me back and said ‘meet me at my office.’ She (Dr. Walden) met us there and she stitched up Sydney. I was a basket case I’ll admit, but Dr. Walden was so calm. Maybe it’s because she is a mother herself. She was able to completely calm Sydney’s nerves. It was a traumatic experience, but with Dr. Walden it helped make it so much more bearable then if we had gone to the emergency room. “

Sydney: “She made me feel like I was not scared anymore. I felt good and confident that it was gonna work and it did. I felt a lot better. I don’t feel bad anymore. I was very lucky to have Dr. Walden with me and my sister and my Mom.”

Thank you Sydney for sharing your story with us!


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